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Bishop Donald H. Butler and Dr. Yolanda G. Butler

Bishop Donald H. Butler and Dr. Yolanda G. Butler were married on September 22, 1984 in Los Angeles, California. They have dedicated their lives to serving others through Kingdom living in marriage and ministry for over 30 years. Shortly after marriage, Bishop Butler founded Praise Center on November 10, 1984 in his brother's home. The church flourished over the years in Compton, Carson, Gardena and Inglewood, California. Various ministry and community programs were successfully established. After 23 years of service in California, in November 2006 the Lord changed Bishop?s assignment to Texas. 

After Bishop made the announcement to the congregation, 13 families, consisting of approximately 60 individuals, made the choice to join Bishop and his family to help birth Praise Center's vision in Texas. This was a great sacrifice. Many came on the last paycheck, quit jobs, sold just about everything, and relied totally upon the Lord's guidance and provision to fulfill the purpose to win souls for the Kingdom. Praise Center of Texas was established in August 2007 and currently is stationed in Forest Hill.

Bishop Butler received his ministerial license under the Church of God in Christ in 1981 and ordination license in 1984 and theological training through International Seminary in 2006. Bishop was consecrated as a Bishop under Kingdom Covenant Ministries on October 9, 2009. He has been in the ministry since 1980, exhorting individuals to strive for perfection and maturity in Christ. This anointed preacher and teacher captivates any audience with his unique style, and is known for his props and PowerPoint presentations.

Dr. Butler received her evangelist license under the Church of God in Christ in 1998 and was ordained as a minister in October 2009. She holds three degrees including Doctorate in Religious Philosophy in Christian Leadership and Organization. She is an exhorter, intercessor, published author, psalmist, mentor, and spiritual advisor. Dr. Butler combines her passion for prayer, worship, and deliverance ministry in helping others to discover their God-given purpose in life.

Called to Train, Equip, Approve and Mentor the Body of Christ with an emphasis on the Five-Fold Ministry, Bishop and Dr. Butler are known for their dynamic tag-team preaching, teaching and prophetic ministry, having traveled throughout the United States and abroad. They are mentors, avid seminar speakers, and bible college instructors. With conviction and passion, they carry the Kingdom mandate and assignment to re-IGNITE the Fire of Pentecost and Prayer back in the church and to prepare the Church-the Bride to meet the Bridegroom-the King

Bishop and Dr. Butler are the proud parents of two children and seven grandchildren, who they absolutely adore, and are the spiritual parents to chosen sons and daughters in the Gospel.

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