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What is One Purpose?

“What is One Purpose?” This is a good question

and definitely holds a Kingdom purpose. 

Praise Center is under the leadership of Bishop Donald H. Butler and Dr. Yolanda G. Butler.  

Rose of Sharon Ministries is under the leadership of Pastor Billy Washington, Sr. and First Lady Joyce Washington.  

Repairer of the Breach Worldwide Ministries is under the leadership of Pastor Ronald Walker and First Lady Synethia Walker.

All three churches and other churches and

ministries are under the spiritual covering of

Kingdom Covenant Ministries, a nonprofit organization that supports ministries and churches. Bishop Butler is the presiding prelate of KCM (see

Praise Center, Rose of Sharon, and Repairer of the Breach united during a time in which each church was under transition for various reasons. This unity helped each ministry to remain standing especially during the pandemic years. Each church has its

own identity, and we respect the vision and

anointing that each pastor and church carry. 

We stand by Psalm 133:1 which says, “Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”

Through this covenant fellowship, we have become

a three-cord strand that cannot be easily broken.

The Father has graced us to support each other’s vision and from this faith walk, we have found strength through each other. 

Until the Father shifts us into our next season, we

are committed to ONE PURPOSE: working

together to make an even greater impact on
Kingdom and community.

Our One Purpose Leaders

Bishop Donald H. Butler & Dr. Yolanda G. Butler

Praise Center Community Church

Bishop and Dr. Butler have been married and serving in ministry for over 38 years. Together this dynamic duo provides practical and relevant teaching and mentorship to catapult individuals into next level living in life and ministry.


Pastor Ronald Walker & First Lady Synethia Walker

Repairer of the Breach Worldwide Ministries

Pastor and Lady Walker are gifted in evangelism and outreach. Together they are called to raise the foundation of many generations and restore the streets.


Pastor Billy "Counselor" Washington
and First Lady Joyce Washington

Rose of Sharon Ministries

Pastor Billy "Counselor" Washington is a prolific and gifted teacher providing practical teaching and application for all generations. His ministry's core values are God First, Excellence in Our Pursuits, and Accountability to One Another.

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